Frontera is a machine planet that control by player and player have full control to enhance the machine, earn $TOKO and trade the machine with other player. This machine we called AI Mechas. Each AI Mechas is a non-fungible token or NFT


Back in the year 2009, a human from Earth was transported to another planet through a space abnormality. He found himself in a new planet whereby he was alone and casted away, feeling lonely, this genius persona set out to build a self sustaining AI Mechas to inhabit the new planet he was forced to live in.
This was how our world was created and named FRONTERA. Ever since then these Mechas have been inhabiting this new universe, living and growing into a new society in the wide universe we are in.
Trying to find his way back to earth this mysterious and pseudonymous persona, whom we called the Creator, explored the vast power of the space abnormality, but instead of getting back to Earth, it instead brings more and more human into the world of FRONTERA.
If you are reading this you are probably one of the few humans that have been chosen by the creator to be the handler of FRONTERA's Mechas. In order to survive in our world you have to pick the right Mecha partners and foster a strong bond with it. I wish you the very best and I hope to see you out there.
From a fellow Handler

Play to Earn

Currently, the following options are available for the player to earn:
  • Participating in PVE battle to redeem $TOKO.
  • Stake the AI Mechas NFT to earn $TOKO
  • Buy and Sell AI Mechas in Marketplace
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