The NFTs

In order to join the metaverse of FRONTERA, the users must possess at least one NFTs. FRONTERA NFTs are unique and multi-purposes. By owning FRONTERA NFTs, not only you can participate in all of the metaverse features such as game, staking... but you can also possess valuable and cool collection of unique NFTs.

To own a FRONTERA NFT, the user can purchase from the below platforms:

Or they can convert NFTs from other platforms (which share partnership with FRONTERA) into FRONTERA NFTs. We're proud of our versatility and flexibility in order to bring you the most satisfying experience.

NFT Types

The NFTs in FRONTERA metaverse are classified into 2 different types: Heroes and Skills.


These are mechanic frame-suits that are designed to combat the unknown threats from the dark corners of the universe, or to work in hazardous environments in which otherwise would outright endanger the safety of humankind.

There're 4 classes of Heroes, each is designed to suit their respective roles and purposes:

  • WORKER: unable to engage in combats, but possess large carrying capability and can labor in any kind of environment to harvest valuable resources

  • STRIKER: specialized in offensive roles during combats, their main job is to subdue any threats with heavy fire-powers

  • VANGUARD: bulky frontline fighters that can soak in large amount of damage to protect their allies while attract enemy's attention

  • MAGUS: multi-purpose frames that can either repair other allies or seriously sabotage the enemies, depend on the situations


Skills are powerful abilities that can be bound into Heroes to give them huge boosts, either to their combat prowess or laboring ability.

Some Skills are inter-changeable, so the users can freely customize their Heroes to suit their liking and/ or strategic purposes.

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