SKILL is also a type of NFT in FRONTERA.

SKILLs play a critical role in combat, since they can entirely change the outcome of the battles, depend on how they would be executed.

SKILLs are categorized into 4 types:

  • CLASS SKILL: These are passive SKILLs that are bound to specific Classes. From the moment a Hero was minted, he will acquire a CLASS SKILL from a pool that would be permanently bound into him and can't be changed by any method. CLASS SKILLs generally describe key features of a specific Class, such as VANGUARDs tend to have CLASS SKILLs that would enhance their power to soak in damage.

  • ELEMENT SKILL: Each Hero in FRONTERA will be randomly assigned into an Element the moment he was minted. Each Element has its own ELEMENT SKILL pool which grant various boons depend on the Elements.

  • PASSIVE SKILL: Each Hero in FRONTERA has a fixed amount of SKILL slots that can be assigned PASSIVE SKILLs. The number of SKILL slots vary with Hero Rarities. PASSIVE SKILLs are inter-changeable and can be swapped at anytime to serve different purposes. These SKILLs generally boost the combat stats of the Heroes and can be stacked multiple times to provide even more bonuses.

  • ACTIVE SKILL: ACTIVE SKILLs are entirely different from the other SKILL types - as they need the attention and timing of the players to be useful. Each Team can carry up to 6 ACTIVE SKILLs at the same time into a battle. ACTIVE SKILLs require Energy Blocks to execute, and each has a Cooldown time of its own. Generally speaking, the more Energy Blocks an ACTIVE SKILL needs to execute, the more powerful it is. ACTIVE SKILLs vary from dealing damage to enemies, applying buffs/ debuffs... to modifying combat stats. Be wise and be creative!

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