FRONTERA is a Metaverse, in which multiple timelines and universes co-exist and intertwine with each other. By exploring the darkest corners of the universes, only then one can finally achieve the perfect being and gain control of every aspect of life.


The year is 2488 - booming era of technology have driven humankind to explore the vast possibilities of the universe. With the help of cutting edge technology, travelling between planets and galaxies have become trivial.

However, the mysteries from the further sides of the universe still pose quite a challenge to conquer. Some areas are covered with dangerous hazards, which are lethal to the human even with the most advanced spacesuits. Therefore, a new solution was developed and soon proved its value: sturdy, flexible and multi-purpose robotic suits called FRONTERA HEROES.

Using an alien technology call “Neuron Telepathic Linkage”, trained pilots can link their minds with the FRONTERA HERO frames from a safe distance and control them to move and act as if they were their own bodies. With different designs, the FRONTERA HEROES can either gather valuable minerals from dangerous areas, or combat potential threats from alien lifeforms.

And thus born the FRONTERA - a spatial platform that acts as the frontier between humankind and the unknown possibilities from the vast universe. The existence of FRONTERA HEROES has opened limitless possibilities for convenient living in the space - and such potent technology will inevitably lead to conflicts and wars…


By owning FRONTERA NFTs, the users can participate in interesting Game Modes which are technically free to play.

  • Play the PVE Mode to gain $FRONT and other in-game items to bolster your roosters of FRONTERA Heroes

  • Stake the WORKERs in the Mining Game Mode to passively generate $FRONT and other useful items

  • Play the PVP Mode to battle against other users to prove your strength and gain unique items/ titles during the process

  • Buy and Sell the NFTs on the Market to generate infinite profit

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