Heroes are the key NFTs and the main fight power resources in the metaverse of FRONTERA. These are mechanical combat frames that are directly linked with the corresponding pilots' minds, allowing them to travel, explore and combat the hostiles from unknown zones of the universe.

The Heroes in FRONTERA are categorized into 4 different Classes, based on their primary designs, purposes and roles:

  • WORKER: WORKER-typed Heroes can't engage in combat and are solely created for the MINING tasks. They're in charge of heavy-labored work in cosmic mines to extract and harvest valuable minerals and resources to fund the fundamentals of the colonies. The players can collect these WORKERs and deploy them into the MINING Game Mode to gain a steady, passive source of income in the form of $FRONT tokens.

  • STRIKER: STRIKER-typed Heroes are designed to combat the unforgiving habitats of the dark universe. Armed with cutting-edge technologies and serious fight-power, they are capable of destroying any hostile forces, creating openings for their teammates. The players can assign STRIKERs into their Team in either PVE or PVP Game Modes, as the STRIKERS serve as main damage output which practically decides the outcome of battles.

  • VANGUARD: VANGUARD-typed Heroes are intentionally made solid and bulky, as their roles are to attract the enemies, keeping them at bay while weathering the harms and protect their teammates. The players can assign VANGUARDs into their Team in either PVE or PVP Game Modes at the frontline, since they serve as tanks and protect allies at the backrow.

  • MAGUS: MAGUS-typed Heroes are multi-purposed frames that can fit into any specific roles that the Team needs. They can either provide supports in combats, repair damaged allies or deal massive damage on large areas. The players can assign MAGUSs into their Team in either PVE or PVP Game Modes to either ensure the longevity of the Team, or enforce more firepower to quickly end the battles in their favor.

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