Mining in FRONTERA is an entirely different game mode from the PVE/ PVP aspects.

Only WORKER-classed Heroes can participate in Mining Game Mode.

The users only need at least 1 WORKER to engage in the Mining section.

By deploying WORKER-classed Heroes (up to 3) into the Mining Mode, the users can passively gain $FRONT every 24 hours.

Each WORKER has an individual Mining Power which determines how much $FRONT they can harvest every 24 hours. WORKERs of the higher Rarities generally have higher Mining Power.

Aside from $FRONT, the WORKERs also have a small chance to generate in-game items such as PVP Tickets and Stat Boosters every 24 hours. These are consumables that play a key role in PVE/ PVP Modes and should be stocked plenty.


By default, each user account can only deploy up to 3 WORKERs at the same time in the Mining Mode. In future updates, we at FRONTERA intend to extend the number of deployable slots to 6 or even more.


By default, aside from the 3 Mining Slots for the WORKERs, each user account also can have up to 3 Support Slots in which they can deploy non-WORKER Heroes (VANGUARD/ STRIKER/ MAGUS) to passively boost the total Mining Power of the WORKERs in the main slots.

Also, each non-WORKER class will boost a separate chance to gain in-game items:

  • STRIKER: Increase the chance to generate Cyber Coin (S)

  • VANGUARD: Increase the chance to generate Skill Fragment (S)

  • MAGUS: Increase the chance to generate PVP Ticket

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