Combat Flow

A battle in PVE/ PVP Modes is executed by 2 Teams fighting against each others. Each Team can be combined from up to 4 Heroes (placed in 3 different rows) and up to 6 ACTIVE SKILLs.


Combats in FRONTERA are executed in TURNs. A TURN is completed when all units have performed their actions.

The SPEED stat of a unit will determine the acting order of that unit in a TURN. Unit with the highest SPEED will act first.

In the case of there are units with the same SPEED, a RNG system will determine who will act before the others.


When a unit has the chance to act within a turn, it will automatically deliver a Default Attack to the available targets.

By default, units at the Front row will always be the main targets of Default Attacks.

In the case of there're 2 units at the Front row, RNG system will determine who will be targeted for each individual Default Attack from the enemies.

A battle will end when a Team has all of its units eliminated.


Upon landing/ taking damage, killing an enemy or an allied unit gets killed, the ENERGY bar will slowly fill up.

For every 1000 ENERGY value accumulated, an ENERGY Block is created.

ENERGY Blocks are essential to execute ACTIVE SKILLs. Executing an ACTIVE SKILLs will cost a certain amount of ENERGY Blocks, depend on the SKILL.

The ENERGY bar can have a maximum of 7 ENERGY Blocks accumulated. COMBAT END

Upon winning a battle, the player can either decide to return to the Main Menu, or proceed into the next battle. If the player decide to keep going, their Team will be restored for 25% of max HP of each units, and they will automatically start the next battle with 1 ENERGY Block readied.

Otherwise, a REWARD screen will be displayed and the player will be rewarded for winning the battles. Be aware that the longer winning streak a play achieved, the better rewards they will receive at the end.

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